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Information about the submission of doctorates

To conclude doctorate processes the Fakultätsrat of the Faculty of Natural Sciences 1 - Biosciences decided:

Resolution about the initiation of doctorate processes from July. 18, 2012

The initiation of a doctorate process by the Promotionsausschuss requires a positive vote of the executive director of the corresponding institute of the faculty.

Resolution about the amount of asked expert opinions during the doctorate process from Sep. 9, 2006

The amount of expert opinions - acording to §9 of the Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlich-Technischen Fakultät der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg - is set to three (3).

Resolution about personal informations in publication of dissertations from Feb. 06, 2019

Upon application by the doctoral candidate to the doctoral committee, publication of date of birth, place of birth, personal details and academic career in the dissertation can be waived.

Resolution about the initiation of doctorates from Oct. 25, 2006

The Fakultätsrat decides, that doctorate processes must be reported to the Dean's Office by the advisor one year befor the begin, to sort out any questions about the approval.

Resolution about the execution of cumulative doctorate processes from Nov. 29, 2006

The Fakultätsrat decides an recommandation to the Promotionsausschuss, which says, that cumulative doctorates should contain at least three publications, which are published in peer review jounals.

Mrs. Müller handles all Doctorate processes . Her office is in the  Kurt-Mothes-Str. 3, room 320.2 (phone: +49 345 5526337). You can  visit her Monday to Thursday from 07:00 till 12:00.

Required Documents

Informal application should be submitted (sent to the chairperson(s) of the thesis defence board of the faculty) indicating that the procedure to confer a doctoral degree has been initiated. This should include information pertaining to the subject-matter of the dissertation and the doctoral degree being pursued.  The application should also provide information regarding from which Institute the dissertation originates as well as the scientific focus of the research carried out by the graduate student.

Official application form „Application to initiate the procedure to confer a doctoral degree“ (see appendix 1 of the regulations governing conferral of a doctoral degree)

Four (4) bound copies of the thesis (normally a maximum of 100 pages DIN-A4) must be submitted. Each copy must include a title page, details (brief CV) of the person submitting the thesis along with a signed statement about their educational background. Furthermore, a written declaration, in which the person submitting the dissertation confirms that (s)he wrote the thesis single-handedly without external help and that the texts or references used in the writing of the thesis are appropriately cited and recognized, is required. One (1) digital copy (in the form of a pdf file) of the thesis according to § 5 must also be submitted.

In accordance with § 5 the required written and signed declarations must include:

1. Whether the applicant has previously initiated proceedings to submit a doctoral dissertation and if so when and where.

2. A statement that the content of the dissertation is the sole work of the applicant, that the applicant wrote and formulated the thesis on his/her own without external help, and that all textual references used to write the thesis and which orginiate from other sources, have received due credit and citation.

A signed brief curriculum vitae indicating the details of education undertaken by the applicant.

A list of all publications arising from the work in the thesis.

A document (in German or English) certifying the successful completion of an appropriate university degree, together with a copy of the original. If the degree was not obtained in German or English-speaking countries, a certified translation of the degree certificate is required.

A certified statement that the applicant has no criminal record and that no criminal proceedings are on-going.

Three (3) suggested reviewers for the dissertation.

In the case of submission of a cummulative dissertation it is necessary to indicate at the time of submission the stage that the review process each manuscript has reached, as well as what involvement (in percent) the applicant had in the preparation and writing of said manuscript. This should be certified through the signature of the applicant as well as the signature of the corresponding author of the manuscript.

In the case of receipt of sponsorship according to the regulations governing graduate scholarships from 27.05.1992 (GVBI. LSA S. 382) written documentation should be provided.

Upon completion of the thesis defence the applicant will receive his/her certificate only after compulsory submission of a bound copy and a digital version of the dissertation according to § 14(2) of the regulations governing conferral of a doctorial degree, which should be handed in to the proceedures’ office of the Dean of the faculty.